Fortune Towne Campus


CHMSC Fortune Towne shall strive to provide quality services to its clientele (academic community) in the areas of research instructi on, extension and production.


CHMSC-Fortune Towne shall provide expanded educati onal opportuniti es to the less-privileged but deserving students along business, management and related professional fi elds and would have develope in them the necessary skills and abiliti es top work aff ecti vity and think analyti cally in a global economy.


To ensure provision for expanded educati onal programs/opportuniti es for CHMSC-Fortune Towne clientele, the following are to be addressed:

1. Leadership and Advocacy

  • Strengthen communication, accessibility and visibility of the concerned offices.
  • Advocate participation, collegiality, cohesiveness and respect among college constituencies
  • Promote programs and services to enhance relationship of the College with business and civic communities
  • Provide necessary leadership in an era of declining funding.

2. Instruction and Student Support

  • Assess the needs of business, industry and community organizations to initiate innovative programs and revitalize curricula to meet.
  • Facilitate a continual effort to meet expanding students’ demand.
  • Foster an environment where teaching and learning are central to the College mission.
  • Promote an understanding of ladderized education in an era of workforce development/industrialization by enlisting assistance of outside agencies/organizations to ensure program relevance.
  • Build/strengthen partnerships with other educational institutions.

3. Planning, Facilities and Finance

  • Create a climate of informati on-based decision-making.
  • Facilitate the processes that address accreditati on requirements and issues.
  • Develop and complete plans for the renovation/construction and expansion of educational facilities to handle current and projected.
  • Provide for educational technology/equipment for instruction and administrative support.
  • Expand and leverage the campus fiscal resources by pursuing alternative resource/revenue development projects and activities.

4. Human Resources

  • Maintain eff ecti ve relati ons with faculty and support staff.
  • Develop and support staff leadership at all levels.

Academic Programs

  • Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master in Public Administration (MPA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAT)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finanacial Management (BSBA-FM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (BSOA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information System (BSIS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BSE)
  • Certificate in Accounting Technology (CAT)
  • Associate in Office Administration (AOA) leading to BSOA
  • Associate in Information System (AIS) leading to BSIS
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