Two in a row! College finishes as Top 10 in two consecutive Teachers’ Board

The College once again delivered a breakthrough performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers as Ann Stefhany De Alvan grabbed the Top Ten spot in the March 2015 LET Elementary Level.

De Alvan followed the lead of her immediate predecessor Elma Pantilagan who also finished Top Ten in the same Licensure Examination in August 2014—making this twice in a row for the College.

De Alvan, who is a Bachelor of Elementary Education graduate, major in General Education with Home Economics and Livelihood Education as minor, made it to the Top Ten with the rating of 86.40 percent.

CHMSC-Talisay, from which De Alvan hailed, finished strong with a 66.67 percent passing rate, while CHMSC-Binalbagan finished with a satisfactory 43.75 percent in the LET Elementary Level.

For the Secondary Level, CHMSC-Talisay had a 40 percent passing rate, CHMSC-Binalbagan 24.14 percent, and CHMSC-Alijis 100 percent for its Bachelor of Technology Teaching Education.

The Professional Regulation Commission announced that 12,103 elementary teachers out of 44,144 examinees (27.42 percent) and another 17,904 secondary teachers from 56,596 examinees (31.63 percent) passed the March 2015 LET.

With two top-notchers already paving the way for them, future Education graduates are poised to follow suit and bring pride to CHMSC as it continues to build the backbone of society with progressive leadership and culturally responsive, globally competent instruction.

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